Health and Safety

At Paragon Environmental Construction Inc. (PEC) our health & safety program is one of our foundations to our success. The commitment to PEC's program has been the #1 priority to our employees and customers.

In an industry that demands contractors with competent programs, Paragon has been providing & improving upon its programs since 1999.

Health & Safety starts with a great management team & passes on throughout the entire workforce. Our site superintendents continue to deliver, implement and educate on a daily basis, through site specific/ task orientated JSA's.

Our employees understand the significance of this program and participate on a daily basis. Paragon employs a full time Health & Safety manager that oversees the success of our program.

In addition to the above, PEC provides the following training programs:

  • Orientation For All New Employees
  • Drug Free Environment
  • 40 Hour OSHA 1910.120 Trained and Certified
  • 10 Hour OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Trained and Certified
  • Confined Space Trained
  • LPS Trained
  • OQ Trained
  • NCCR Trained
  • 1st Aid and CPR Trained
  • Medically Monitored
  • Drivers DOT/Hazmat Certified
  • IS Networld & PICS Members
  • JSA Library
  • Unannounced Health & Safety Audits
  • Daily Site Specific ( Task Orientated ) Meetings

ISNETworld Member Contractor Avetta

For the Highest in Health & Safety Standards

Our health & safety program is one of our foundations to success. Contact us today to learn more about our health & safety standards and training. Ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe during and after your project.

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